SESAR JU presents URClearED as Project of the Month in the July newsletter!

We are glad to announce that an interview by our Project Coordinator Federico Corraro (CIRA) has been released on the SESAR Joint Undertaking website and that it is also mentioned and shared in the July newsletter, which presents URClearED as Project of the Month!

Federico Corraro had the occasion to explain in detail the rationale of the URClearED project, its challenges and potential, as well as how the project will involve the authorities and end-users.
“The URClearED project is investigating a critical technology to ensure that remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) can travel in the shared airspace safely and securely”, states Corraro. 

According to the experts in the field of air transport, RPAS will become in fact ever-present in our skies, serving as vehicles for cargo delivery and many other important services. 

In this context, URClearED aims to define the requirements and capabilities for the Remain Well Clear (RWC) function, to be integrated in RPAS vehicles flying IFR into specific parts of the sky that are referred to as airspace classes D-G. 

By providing evidence of the effectiveness and safety of the implementation of the RWC function, the project hopes to facilitate the introduction and integration of certified RPAS in classes D to G, allowing a safe day-to-day civil use of this part of the sky.

If you want to discover more about how RWC is achieved in manned aviation, what is the challenge we are trying to address, how the authorities and end-users are involved in the project, and what benefits we hope this project will bring, then you can read the full interview on the SESAR JU website!

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