URClearED Workshop – highlights of the event and downloadable materials

As the URClearED exploratory research project is proceeding in its work, the whole Consortium organized an open workshop both for external stakeholders and the Advisory Board.

The virtual workshop took place on October 11th with two different sessions organized to create adequate spaces for exchanging ideas and creating an interesting open debate between experts from different domains, interested in the Remain Well Clear function

Here we report the highlights of the event; at the end of this article there is a dedicated section where it is possible to view and download the presentations material and the results of our discussions. 

General Objectives

The main objectives of this event were to give a general overview on the URClearED project, presenting its aims and how the Consortium is pursuing them, and collecting feedback both from external stakeholders and our team of experts (Advisory Board components) on RWC design and implementation, our final targeted scenarios and the URClearED Remain Well Clear function’s requirements.


First session:

URClearED open workshop – Discussion and feedback on Remain Well Clear (RWC) design and implementation

Giuseppe Frau, from Deep Blue, welcomed the guests and introduced the workshop. 

Federico Corraro, our Project Manager (from CIRA), kicked off the meeting presenting the URClearED project highlighting its scope, aims and objectives.

Next, Professor Enric Pastor (Operational Scenarios leader, from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech) showed to participants the elements of the operational scenarios, followed by Gianluca Corraro (RWC Implementation leader, from CIRA) who well explained the URClearED RWC functions and operating methods. 

Again, Federico Corraro concluded with the URClearED workflows and next steps. 

The second part of this session moved forward with an interesting interactive discussion focused on collecting feedback regarding the design and implementation of the Remain Well Clear (RWC) function for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), trying to identify gaps in our targeted scenarios, technology enablers, as well as suggestions for the next steps.

Second session: 

Advisory Board Roundtable – Feedback on the URClearED Remain Well Clear (RWC) function’s requirements and scenarios

This second session was dedicated to our Advisory Board, but also open to the interested external stakeholders who joined us widely. 

Umberto Ciniglio, Deputy Program Manager from CIRA, summarized the operational assumptions, while Gianluca Corraro presented the URClearED RWC Functional Concept

In conclusion, Federico Corraro explained the URClearED RWC Operating Method in more detail. 

The subsequent discussion went deeply into the final targeted scenarios and the URClearED Remain Well Clear function’s requirements as well as precious suggestions about the next steps, especially regarding the URClearED Test Plan. 

Overall, we reached over 50 participants in total, mainly from the ATC and RPAS domains and other organizations related to the project interest. 

We want to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate the speakers for the effort made and all the participants for showing deep interest in the project and for giving their valuable feedback. We will certainly make the best use possible of your precious contribution.


First session:

Second session: 

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